Extraordinary Service is an attitude that finds its way throughout QI. From our innovative leadership staff to the hard-working men and women that make it all happen on the plant floor, the QI team will stop at nothing to ensure that our customers have experiences that exceed their expectations. We see our customers as partners, and everything we do revolves around the fact that our success is based squarely on our customer's success. 

Team members review a slide of a new product schematic

We pride ourselves on our reputation for lightning-fast response to customer needs. Our in-house experts are here, ready to respond and consult on any and all processes. They are empowered to address issues quickly and move toward swift resolution and complete satisfaction. We work incessantly to proactively apply our organizational resources to rapidly identify and thoroughly resolve design and manufacturing issues.

Team members review a CAD drawing of a new product for fabrication

For over 40 years our name has been our standard, and we work hard to ensure that quality saturates everything we do. Call us today and let us show you how our team can partner with you to make your next project a success.