Exceptional quality and versatility define our custom assembly services. We have the tools and experience to create ultra-efficient assembly cells. We have a wide array of welding equipment and hardware insertion presses ready to facilitate almost any assembly process, and our assembly managers have the training and expertise to respond to your specific needs by customizing assembly cell workflow for your unique product.

Team members assemble a door assembly for a commercial aluminum tool box

Fabricated metal part assemblies are custom-built and delivered on a daily basis to JIT assembly lines from our in-house CNC machining, welding, powder coating and finishing operations.

We've invested in superior technology that allows us to run more stringent and thorough quality checks than most manufacturers.

Sample assembly jig

Assembled units are boxed and delivered according to customer requirements. Multiple assembly variations can be kitted and delivered in line sequence from the delivery truck to the assembly line.

At QI, we are all about simplifying your supply chain and providing you with cost-effective solutions, on time and on spec.